NOTE: There will be no construction over the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

Construction will resume the night of Tuesday May 28, as follows:

  • Night work milling, surveying, and paving throughout the entire project limits from Exit 15 to 22 both north and south bound.
  • Signage continues to be posted on the jobsite.
  • Milling is occurring in one-mile segments with new pavement installed within two days.
  • Milling, surveying, and paving began from the Exit 15 on-ramp, continuing northbound through Exit 22/23. When northbound is complete, milling, surveying, and paving will resume southbound starting from Exit 22/23,continuing to the Exit 15 southbound off-ramp.

Other work continuing throughout the project:

  • Illumination work on along Route 8 southbound Exit 17 to 12.
  • Pothole repair work across Route 8 north and south bound, spanning from Exits 15 to 22, as necessary.

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